“R..Rajkumar” new stills: Will Sonakshi Sinha demonstrate lucky for Shahid Kapoor’s profession?


R Rajkumar ealier regarded as Rambo Rajkumar, is a movement pressed motion picture.

R Rajkumar is an outwardly striking, adapted and powerfully true film. Gatherings of people will see the unmanageable canvas that it is shot in, portrayed in a way that is as genuine as it is crude.

Shahid Kapoor articles the part of Rajkumar – a tough, resistant, eager contender who additionally has evil appeal. One minute he makes you feel truly good and the precise next, totally tense!

Rajkumar is spellbinding, agonizing and crude!

Sonakshi Sinha assumes the part of Chanda – a beautiful, solid character. She is the niece of a poppy ruler called Manik Parmar. Feisty, free with a personality of her own, Chanda has you powerless in the knees one minute and running for wellbeing at the exact next. A flawless amalgamation of sugar and flavor.

R…rajkumar – is a Romantic Action Love story set in dusty and tough background of the Hindi Heartland. A film that has total desi tracks (accurate move numbers) with burdens of interest, rush and fun – an impeccable performer by all means. The gorges should tower high over the Poppy Fields, disregarding a hazardous establishment without law, equity or request.

Prabhu Deva’s next dhamakedaar performer will challenge, entreat, summon and paint a decent scene of great and insidious in very nearly equivalent extents pumping out high octane diversion from the exact first second !!

The film has a great deal of cool visuals, new & insane movement (Prabhu ishtyle) offering an alternate point of view speaking to what Life might be & a flawless equalize between Good and Evil!

While the high-octane film is basically a fondness anecdote about Pyaar ya Maar it has all the fixings of an outright masala potboiler – R…rajkumar goes to a theater close you sixth December to say “Silent Ho Ja Varna Main Violent Ho Jaunga”.


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