“Paranormal Activity The Marked Ones” : The Black Magic Continues


You wouldn’t realize that “The Marked Ones” is a part of the “Paranormal Activity” universe from the first 20 or somewhere in the vicinity seconds of the trailer, which plays increasingly like a sidekick piece to “End of Watch” than a discovered footage blood and guts movie. The story happens in Oxnard, California, a radical takeoff from the peaceful suburban settings of the first four “Paranormal Activity” movies. It carries a shiny new (and much welcome) vibe and vigor to what numerous have felt is an establishment that was using up steam.

“It’s clear that crowds were developing touch tired of the ‘Paranormal Activity’ establishment, so a twist off is the sensible next step,”.

“Following Latino moviegoers is an extraordinarily keen business choice, It’s a methodology that will come to be substantially more regular through the following some years.”

In the trailer, things take a transform into additional well known mythology when our heroes enter an obscured room loaded with boxes of Vhs tapes, one of which is marked ‘Katie and Kristi,’ the poor sisters whose heartbreaking story we’ve been emulating since the first “Paranormal Activity” hit theaters in 2009. Before long, we’re by and by finding photos in spots where they shouldn’t be, characters are revealing perplexing nibble checks on their forms and individuals are, no doubt hurled about by some unseen energy.

“Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones” is composed and regulated by longtime arrangement journalist Christopher Landon, who looks to be turning the activity up to 11 . It would appear that simply the thing to get gatherings of people amped up for the establishment again before we proceed with Katie and Kristi’s fundamental storyline next Halloween.

What’s more it may wind up being its own particular arrangement unto itself — a title card swears up and down to us “This is just the starting.”

“Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones” opens January 3, 2014, accompanied by “Paranormal Activity 5” on October 24 2K14.


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