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The New “Rio 2” is Sweet, Charming and Gorgeous !


The most improbable extraordinary winged animal couple alive now has company.

In 2011’s richly energized hit Rio, tamed macaw Blu (Jesse Eisenberg) and his wild same-species introductory outing Jewel (Anne Hathaway) become friends and sent film industry sparkles flying. Presently, the winged animals — and the bumblebees — have truly broken in for the 3-D spin-off Rio 2 Releasing This April.

The few has three developed macaw youngsters and needs to manage the finding of startling relatives — an issue that torment the avian planet to the extent that it does people. To boot, there are new enemies meaning to do some fowl harm on the group.

It’s a disgrace since Rio 2 begins off as a cheerful multi-species varieties couples-fest. Blu has joined Jewel at a lovely extraordinary flying creature hold in Rio de Janeiro, and the couple has begun a family comprising of eldest winged creature Carla ( voiced by X Factor champion Rachel Crow), brainy Bia (Hunger Games star Amandla Stenberg) and junior kid Tiago (Looper’s Pierce Gagnon).

  • Release Date 11.04.2K14.

A Fantasy Tale “Seventh Son” !


In a period long past, an evil is going to be unleashed that will reignite the war between the strengths of the otherworldly and mankind yet again. Expert Gregory (Jeff Bridges) is a knight who had detained the maliciously capable witch, Mother Malkin (Julianne Moore), hundreds of years back. Anyhow now she has escaped and is looking for retribution. Summoning her devotees of each incarnation, Mother Malkin is arranging to unleash her awful anger on a clueless planet. Stand out thing stands in her direction i.e. The Master.

In a destructive gathering, Gregory candidly encounters the malicious he generally dreaded might some time or another return. Right away he has just until the following full moon to do what typically takes years: train his new student, Tom Ward (Ben Barnes) to battle a dim mystery unlike all others. Man’s main trust lies in the seventh offspring of a SEVENTH SON.

  • Release Date 17.1.2K14.

Sonakshi and Saif’s Chemistry Rocking in “Bullet Raja” !


Bullett Raja featuring Saif Ali Khan will see the on-screen character attempting the part of Raja Mishra an average person who gets converted into Bullett Raja – a famous, mind a damn mentality hoodlum. A steadfast companion and a devoted lover, living on his own terms, setting his own tenets, commanding appreciation and fearing nobody, Bullett Raja in his correct matchless style undertakes the framework that makes individuals like him in a contraining battle for force and ambition.

  • Release Date 29.11.2K13.

Kevin Hart Starring in the Remake of “About Last Night” !


A cutting edge re envisioning of the classical sentimental comic drama, this contemporary form nearly accompanies new adore for two couples as they trip from the bar to the room and are inevitably put under serious tests in this present reality.

Kevin Hart helps Michael Ealy hook up with his girlfriend’s (Regina Hall) best friend(Joy Bryant), they both meet at a bar and after that night they both end up with each other in beds. Both of them think about each other everyday when one of them makes an initiative and sends friend request to Joy Bryant. Well they fall in love or end up single.

  • Release Date 14.2.2K14

“ROBOCOP” : The New Sci-Fi Remake !


In RoboCop, it is 2028 and multinational combination OmniCorp is at the core of robot engineering. Abroad, their missiles have been utilized by the military for a long time – and its implied billions for OmniCorp’s end result. Right away OmniCorp needs to carry their disputable innovation to the home front, and they see a splended chance to do it. The point when Alex Murphy (Joel Kinnaman) – a cherishing spouse, father and exceptional cop trying his hardest to stem the tide of wrongdoing and corruption in Detroit – is discriminatingly harmed in the line of obligation, OmniCorp sees their opportunity to assemble a part-man, part-robot Cop. OmniCorp imagines a RoboCop in each city and all the more billions for their shareholders, yet they never relied on one thing: there is still a man inside the machine seeking after justice.

  • Release Date 12.2.2K14